WordPress Security: 8 Top Plugins

Last Updated on February 5, 2021 by Sunny Staff

If you manage a brand or business, your web presence is one of your most important pieces of equity. Investing in the WordPress platform can help you manage your site, market it, and get the performance you need for success. 

With so many moving pieces on the WordPress platform, you should always be certain that your site isn’t open to vulnerabilities. Whether you are mastering content marketing with a WordPress blog or using WordPress for your eCommerce store, it pays to handle your WordPress security needs. 

You need to make sure you have quality WordPress tech support, in addition to a WordPress security plugin that can make your life easier and less stressful. Consider the tips in this article to handle your security with one of these tested security plugins. 

1. Wordfence

When you need a built-in firewall for your WordPress pages, the Wordfence plugin is one of the best ways to protect your information. It offers you a powerful firewall, along with malware scan capability that will keep your WordPress site safe from attacks. 

These tools give you the best shot at blocking malicious traffic and will explore and sanitize your files and themes. What’s more, you can use this plugin to set up multiple levels of protection, such as the popular two-factor authentication.  

2. Malcare

New malware categories pop up all the time, which is why it’s something that you always need to pay attention to. With Malcare, you will have access to firewalls and other super helpful security tools. 

This software gives you access to developer tools that will also help to make your site safer. It comes with features like one-click removal of any malware, in addition to the ability to scan remotely. You can improve your site’s function on the fly by using post-attack cleanup.  

3. Sucuri Security

Sucuri is a top-notch WordPress security plugin with some of the best tools on the market for tightening up your WordPress security. A few of the features you can use for your WordPress site include high-quality monitoring of your file system and malware scanning capability. 

The platform will give you access to notifications when dealing with a potential breach or if you have to make decisions on any threat. Sucuri will audit all of your site’s activity and can help you remove or quarantine malware whenever the situation arises.  

4. Security Ninja

The Security Ninja platform is helpful because it gives you a heads-up whenever you experience vulnerabilities. Getting a warning about potential threats will help you carry out a plan of action that keeps your site safe. 

WordPress site owners appreciate the security they get when using this ninja-like software, keeping you up to speed on even the most minute changes that happen with your system.  

5. iThemes Security

iThemes is like a toolbox full of tools to protect your website against all sorts of attacks. Some of the main ways people use iThemes include warding off hacks in real-time, helping you come up with strong passwords, back up your data, providing two-factor authentication, and so much more. 

By taking advantage of some of the premium features, you’ll get access to things like unlimited updates and ticketed support. You’ll be glad that you had this firepower by your side when your WordPress site stays up without incident.  

6. Jetpack

With Jetpack, you’ll pay a small amount each month to get the most comprehensive and impeccable backups that you can imagine. This is worth the price of admission for peace of mind alone since you will always be confident that your website will stay up and active. 

After the backup process, you also will have the added convenience of one-click restoration. This will help you get back up and running without an issue whenever you are looking to protect your site. This WordPress security plugin is excellent becomes it comes with an activity log that lets you know exactly when a  problem occurred.  

7. WebArx

You can control the WebArx platform in real-time by using a cloud control system. With WebArx, you get advanced firewall capability with plenty of permissions and access controls. 

It helps thwart attackers and suspicious activity, such as bots and fake traffic.  

8. Bulletproof Security

When you want the best security you can find, it pays to make it Bulletproof. This platform can quarantine threats, offer firewall protection, run malware scans, and so much more. 

It allows you to avoid spam and set sophisticated restoration points whenever you need to access a backup. You will appreciate the top-notch levels of security and protection that you get from this platform, whether you decide to opt for the premium version or stick to the free offering.  

Protect Your Site Today with these WordPress Security Plugins

All of your WordPressure security measures can be taken care of when you use the right plugins. Give one of these plugins a shot today and you’ll never have to worry about your site again. 

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