wordpress security audits

Why Site Owners Should Run Regular WordPress Security Audits

It’s a huge relief to get a website up and running with no significant issues. Even with an intuitive CMS like WordPress, the design phase for a high-quality site is complicated and frustrating, and it can drag out for quite a while (...
Behavioral Design for WordPress

7 Behavioral Design Principles to Guide Your Landing Pages

An online presence is crucial for every business that wants to engage with consumers and get them interested in your product. Having a website is arguably the most important part of that presence, as it provides potential customers with a s...
WordPress Developers UI Design

WordPress Developer’s Guide To UI Design

As many as 48% of website visitors believe that a site’s design is the most important factor in determining its credibility.  But while most WordPress developers are likely to appreciate the significance of excellent UI (User Interface) ...
WordPress Developer

7 Considerations When Hiring a WordPress Developer

More than 500 sites are built using WordPress every day. It is the most popular CMS in the world. And it is not surprising that you want to build a WordPress website too. But designing a WordPress site from scratch or any other site for tha...
wordpress maintenance service update

The Importance of WordPress Maintenance Services

Nearly 90% of online shoppers won’t return to a website after a bad user experience (UX). In fact, 70% of online businesses fail because of bad usability. Meanwhile, people form 75% of their judgment on your credibility based on webs...
wordpress support on desktop

What Is a WordPress Support Service?

Around 40 percent of sites on the web use WordPress, making it one of the most popular website platforms in the world! However, this widespread use has its pros and cons. On the one hand, there’s a ton of WordPress support in the way of t...
WordPress for SEO Laptop

Is WordPress The Best Option For SEO Novices?

Back when the internet was yet to achieve mainstream appeal, people of all kinds developed their own websites with no particular ambitions. Instead, they largely wanted to enter the exciting new online world — to discover how it all worke...
WordPress Accessibility

Finding and Fixing Common WordPress Accessibility Issues

If there’s one feature about the internet that really makes it stand out, it’s the sheer amount of access it provides. But it turns out what we may take for granted as accessible isn’t always accessible to everyone.  When you first b...
WordPress SEO Button

WordPress SEO: A Guide for Beginners

WordPress powers nearly 40% of all websites. There are many reasons that this particular platform is so popular, but one of its best qualities is its ease of use. If you want to do something to your WordPress site, you probably can. This ap...
WordPress Security PluginLock

WordPress Security: 8 Top Plugins

If you manage a brand or business, your web presence is one of your most important pieces of equity. Investing in the WordPress platform can help you manage your site, market it, and get the performance you need for success.  With so many ...
what to do if wordpress site hacked

What To Do When Your New WordPress Site Is Hacked

You’ve made the smart choice to build your new site in WordPress, and you’ve successfully made it through the tricky launch phase, so everything’s looking up — until things go awry when your site is hacked. Everyone knows that websi...
best seo tools

The 6 Best SEO Tools You’ll Find Online

Did you know that most users never go past the first 5 results when searching online? Think about that. You spend tons of time and money building a great website with terrific content, and hardly anyone will ever see it unless you rank in t...
WordPress Donation Plugins

WordPress Donation Plugins: 7 Ways to Use Them

If you’re running a charity, relief, or nonprofit website on WordPress, you’re already providing plenty to the world. Your ideas and activism help the world get a little better every day. But, sometimes, your passion project could p...
wordpress support services

How WordPress Support Services Can Help Build Your Business

What if your WordPress strategy was missing the most important ingredient? It’s one thing to have your own WordPress site. But it’s another thing entirely to make the most of it. WordPress support services have the potential to ...

SEO vs PPC: What’s the Difference and Which Should You Use?

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, you have two choices, SEO and PPC.  Your first question is obviously, what’s the difference between SEO vs PPC? Then, which one is right for me? Keep reading to discover the answers! ...
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