5 Essential Tools To Enhance Your WordPress Business

Last Updated on April 23, 2020 by Sunny Staff

WordPress has revolutionized a business’ ability to quickly set up a website and get to work generating leads. Despite its brilliance, it can be somewhat limited at a base level. There are some excellent tools out there to help you grow your WordPress business tenfold and keep up to date with the competition. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite practical tools and plugins in the current landscape. 

SEO Plugin

Harnessing the power of SEO is a vital step in growing your WordPress business. It can be a difficult concept to master and execute properly without support. Fortunately, there are several ways WordPress and its access to tools can help you through the process. 

There are a range of brilliant plugins available to help you introduce best practice SEO to your website. Mastering SEO helps you move higher in the Google rankings for selected keywords, giving you more visits and conversions. The Yoast SEO plugin has become increasingly popular for its user-friendly design that appeals to both new website owners and seasoned pros. 

The best thing about Yoast and its contemporaries is they streamline the process of implementing SEO best practices. They introduce simplified ways of adding meta-descriptions, setting up sitemaps and connecting your website to Google Search Console so you can monitor your SEO efforts. If you’re looking to delve into SEO for the first time, you can do much worse. 


In a software-driven world, we still haven’t evolved past hardware’s usefulness yet. If you’re a WordPress business owner, you won’t be surprised as to the importance of hardware in launching the business, whether it’s the PC you built the webpages on or the server that runs it. Hardware goes deeper than that though and can take a website to the next level. 

While modern businesses generally prefer cloud storage for the ease of uploading and accessing data it allows their staff, it is important not to write off the external hard drive. External hard drives are an excellent alternative for storing sensitive information you may not want to give up to the cloud. When file systems get too complicated, it can be a great method of handing over vital information to a team member. It may be old school, but it’s effective. 

On the topic of security, a WordPress business needs to make sure it’s protecting both its own and customer’s information. One way to ensure security is through using SATA cables as a practical solution. Using SATA cables from StarTech establishes a secure connection between your devices and preventing disconnections at crucial moments. It’s easy to overthink something as simple as a connection these days, but sometimes the practical solution is still the best for your business. 

Contact Form

Contact forms are a vital asset for any websites concerned with building on feedback and providing a better customer experience. While you can always let your customers get in touch over email or by telephone, that puts a strain on your customer service and operations team that can be better used in a small business. 

Using contact form tools such as Ninja Forms or WPForms creates a simple and obvious way for your customers to get in touch, and keeps all the replies in one place. Their drag and drop design makes creating the form incredibly streamlined, and they generally integrate with all major marketing and payment platforms. Millions of websites take advantage of these tools to make it easier for customers to get in touch or subscribe to email newsletters. 

Building a form with these tools will only take a couple of minutes out of your world day. Those couple of minutes could end up being the most profitable in your company history as from the number of leads the form will generate. 

Video Editing

In 2020, video content rules. Although we’re barely into the new decade, it’s clear to see that the trend from the last couple of years that has seen video content pushed to the front of the user’s concerns is set to continue. To capitalize on this, your WordPress business needs to be able to produce video content. 

Industry-leading tools such as Adobe premiere are excellent and much more user-friendly than they initially appear; however, for a first-time content creator you don’t necessarily have to go all out and produce inventive video content. If your website is set up to complement a podcast or a radio show, for example, you may find tools such as Headliner useful. It helps you create short snippet videos on your existing content with easy to add captions. Headliner’s simplified video editor is ideal for promoting your content on social media or editing down a longer-form piece, with pre-set formats for different platforms and styles. There is a beauty in how simple or creative you can get with it. 

You don’t need to be a video wizard to create the kind of content that keeps users interested and converts. There are lots of tools you can use to make nuggets of great video perfect for a website or social media channel. 

Grammar Checker

The advent of video content hasn’t completely killed off the written word. Many of your visitors will be looking for text content to either learn about your business or products. If you’re not a writer and don’t have a team of creatives, it can be easy for some errors to fall through the cracks in your copy. 

Leading online grammar and spelling tool Grammarly should be top of the list for any business focusing on written content. Integrate it into your browser and it will assess your copy for any issues as you’re writing, helping you to develop your skills as you go. Having some glaring errors on your homepage can make you look unprofessional or untrustworthy. If your product pages are laden with mistakes, your customers will struggle to understand their features and ultimately lose interest. 

Never think that a tool is too simple or a change too basic for your website. Improving your writing ability and grammar could help you save face and build your reputation as a professional outfit. 

These are just a few of the wrenches and screwdrivers of the online business world. These tools show that enhancing your website doesn’t have to be overcomplicated, and you can find the success you seek and deserve with just a few changes. For more useful articles make sure to visit Sunny HQ blog.

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