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WordPress for startup companies a perfect match

Out pitching your new startup company is one of the hardest things you will ever do.  All eyes are on you and every aspect of your business. The need for a professional website is paramount.  A website is on your list of high priorities, but even if you have the skills to build one, your time is stretched so thin, you just can’t get around to it.  WordPress is perfect for startup companies and allows you to make a beautiful website that you can easily maintain for little to no money and in a fraction of the time it would take to build it from scratch. WordPress for startup companies is the way to go.

Startups Need a Professional Website

Every startup needs a website. Though coding a site from scratch isn’t always easy, especially when you’re trying to start your own business. There is probably a good amount of you that know how to code and know you can do it yourself.  You absolutely can, BUT the amount of time you will waste building the site from scratch will take you away from your important focus-selling your business.

A startup’s website should:

  • Cost very little.
  • Easy to manage (easy to change and update content).
  • Integrate well with social media sites
  • Easily optimized for search engines .
  • Have good navigation, organized content, calls-to-action, etc.
  • Use a reliable and scalable hosting provider. ~Umm, we know one 🙂

WordPress for startup companies can provide you with all of the above options, is an incredibly easy system to use and extremely cost effective.

WordPress for startup companies and economy

Because there is so much competition in the business world, startup owners must go above and beyond to stand out. WordPress allows businesses to create professional sophisticated websites with ease. Since launch in 2003, WordPress has taken a huge leap from a blogging platform to an application platform powering more than 27% of all websites globally. This is great for businesses as thousands of developers build themes and plugins that allow you to utilize rich functionality for only pennies.

WordPress is a great tool for startups and businesses looking to launch their products or new marketing campaigns.  It will cost you less and the market is flooded with great developers and inexpensive resources. You can build just about anything with it using the tools available or with a little development help.

WordPress Maintenance Release Sunny HQ

Why WordPress?

So now you’re ready to create a killer website for your business, so why choose WordPress for startup companies?

Easy to Learn: WordPress is a cinch to learn. Users learn their way around the interface in minutes and no coding is needed to create a well-functioning website. Both large and small scale startups can update, edit, or modify their website’s content conveniently.

Customizable: Because of the huge library of themes and plugins, you can customize your site however you want. There is a plugin for anything – making is easy to create a site that is all yours. There are tons of free themes and plugins, with premiums versions costing only a few dollars.

24/7 Support: The WordPress community is always willing to help anyone learn the CMS. Whether you contact a plugin developer, checkout tutorials right here on Sunny HQ or just contact us, you can always find a fast solution to your problem.

Handles Multiple Content Types: The WordPress architecture supports features like posts, pages, media, and comments. You can also create multiple custom post types (CPTs) depending on your business niche. About four years ago, I took advantage of this feature and developed ProductPress, a theme for startups, and it contains CPTs for products, testimonials, numbers, services, and more.

The REST API: You want to connect to other complex systems, you can! Since 2016, WordPress as an application platform is incredibly extensive, and you can implement flexible features with the help of WordPress REST API (checkout this WordPress REST API White Paper by Human Made). The REST API allows you to connect to the web, giving your site even more capabilities.  We can help with this.

Making Money With Your Website

Your site is done and looks great. WordPress for startup companies can help you start making money fast. The recent plugin stats for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) are sufficient to prove the strength of WordPress as a robust eCommerce platform.

WooCommerce alone powers more than 30 percent of all online stores and is the most established eCommerce solution for startups selling physical and digital items. Startups can create a one-stop shop in a few clicks. You can find a complete range of eCommerce products like 900+ free plugins, 60+ free themes, 400+ paid themes and templates, and 850+ paid plugins.


Create Memorable Marketing

Traditional advertising strategies are not sufficient to turn your startup into something big. You need to come up with ways which quickly align customers with your vision and efforts.

WordPress for startup companies helps your brand get appropriate exposure and an incredible online reputation. No matter how brilliant your startup idea is, if you’re not marketing it well, all efforts are in vain. These marketing techniques with WordPress in five key types.

  • Content Marketing: WordPress is built for great content marketing. You should blog – not only for pitching new ideas but also as a primary source for communicating and getting feedback from your customers.
  • Search Engine Optimizations (SEO): Due to its immense popularity, Google has made some fruitful alterations in its search algorithms and has preferred WordPress websites when it comes to SEO. Startups can create content and plugins like Yoast help them rank very well.
  • Email Marketing: It’s a proven fact that email marketing converts better than anything else. WordPress can run sophisticated email campaigns quite efficiently. MailChimp For WP auto responds and collects your email subscriptions in ordered lists. The plugin is best for your startup as it’s free for up to 2,000 subscribers. And if you want to have more control, try something like Mailster.
  • Social Media Marketing: The social media landscape is getting enormous and is here to stay. Your startup can get the most out of it by building social gatherings on major social networks with plugins like Jetpack. This tool allows you to regularly monitor site stats, maintain a commenting platform which quickly gets integrated with Facebook, Twitter, etc. In a few clicks, your latest Tweets and the Facebook page gets embedded to the sidebar. There are 1000+ other social plugins to choose from.
  • Affiliate Marketing: With affiliates, you can promote your digital products from any part of the globe. This is also an excellent chance to drive new visitors toward other products with higher profit margins and earn insanely high affiliate rates. Take a look at AffiliateWP.

Time To Get Cracking!

With WordPress, you can kickstart your startup’s online presence and make the splash you desire. WordPress is the key to the Lean Startup concept which can turn your hobby into a successful small business. Entrepreneurs consistently look towards WordPress as an excellent platform for launching winning brands.