How to Find the Fastest WordPress Hosting Services Available Today

Last Updated on September 24, 2019 by Sunny Staff

What if it only took one second for a customer to give up on your website?  You might spend a lot of time and money creating awesome content for your WordPress website, but if it takes too long for things to load, visitors will bounce and leave right away (Optimal SEO  includes fast loading speed). The solution is to find the fastest WordPress hosting services.

Wondering how to find the one that’s right for you? Keep reading to learn the answer!

Why Does Speed Matter?

Our focus here is finding fast hosting services that fit your specific needs. However, it’s worth answering the obvious question: why is speed so important for your site?

The blunt answer is that your customers are impatient. In a world where they can stream and download at very high speeds, the last thing they want is a slow website. You only have a few seconds to capture a visitors attention to convince them to stay on your site. If your site takes too long to load, most people are gone, lost before you even had a chance.

And therefore, the bounce rate is such an essential part of modern analytics. The whole sales funnel falls apart if a customer is only on your site for a few seconds!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the fastest WordPress hosting services that are known for their speed. Each one has a different strength that may suit both your business and your management style.

fastest wordpress hosting


Every business could stand to save more money. And that’s why budget-friendly hosting options may be attractive to your company.

If you have a simple website and are looking for a budget-friendly hosting service, we recommend GoDaddy. This is because they offer a surprising amount of “bang for your buck.” You can get hosting services starting at less than $9 a month. And despite not breaking the bank, you get a surprising number of features and services for your money.

Users have access to resources like staging servers and site migration (making it easy to move an existing site over to GoDaddy). And the website themes and templates make it easy to create a site from scratch.

These features are available from other hosts. However, you will probably have to pay more for their services.


Everyone has different levels of WordPress experience. But do you know which hosting service is best for absolute WP beginners?

EasyWP is our recommendation for WP newbies. And they live up to their name by making everything very easy and accessible for users of all experience levels. With this service, you can literally create a new site in minutes. And even among all these fast services, EasyWP is known for its speed. This is also an excellent service if you don’t have a lot of time to master every aspect of WP. If you need a site and you need it quickly, you can get everything started with just one click.

It doesn’t get more user-friendly than this!


Sometimes, it’s scary to get what you wanted for. For example, every business hopes to get more website traffic. But a sudden boost in traffic means you need to have heightened loading speed and security.

If you’re experiencing an influx of new traffic, Kinsta is one of the best solutions. They provide custom solutions for each site. For example, you get your own software container and custom resources for your website that isn’t shared with other sites. And they offer automated backups, multi-factor authentication, and a “hack fix” guarantee.

The bottom line? You get custom resources and impeccable security, which is very important for handling an uptick in website visitors.


We’ve discussed options that are great if you’re on a budget and options that are great if you’re a beginner. But what if you’re an experienced developer who still wants to save money?

If that describes you, then SiteGround may be your best solution. It offers a great blend of budget and features. You pay more for their services than you would for GoDaddy. In exchange, you get a more advanced set of developer-friendly features on top of fast WordPress hosting.

SiteGround offers staging servers, dynamic caching, CDN, and Git. While there are services out there with even more developer bells and whistles, this service is a great deal for the price. 


There are small businesses and there are tiny businesses. If you are a solo entrepreneur, do you know which WP service is best for you?

Pressable is actually a great solution for entrepreneurs. This is because Pressable is supported by the actual makers of WordPress. That means you get a high level of website security along with super-fast loading speeds. And you also get support to help you with any stage of site development and management.

Ultimately, Pressable is a great way to help you lay the foundation for a very successful business.


One of the most significant factors in business growth is consumer engagement. It’s not enough to have great content: your customers want content they can interact with.

If your business is focusing on customer engagement and personalized content, WP Engine is a fantastic solution. This is because it bundles many great tools with a unique focus on customers. WP Engine provides the developer tools (Git, SSH, staged servers, and so on) you need to do unique and creative things. But they also specialize in customer service and managed hosting services that allow you to figure out what your key demographics really want.

The result is a data-driven and engaging site that customers will keep coming back to. On top of all this, WP Engine offers rock-solid, blazing fast hosting that is super secure and reliable. (WP Engine is our favorite and is the foundation of all our hosting and management plans.)


Every business needs a robust online presence. But if you are focusing on an online store and other aspects of eCommerce, you need Liquid Web.

Their service is a little more expensive than some others featured here. But you get hosting services that have been tailored for your eCommerce needs. And they have features like automated image compression and PHP 7 to make everything load super fast.

Liquid Web also makes it easy to create a custom template and use that to branch off multiple sites. This can give you a full-fledged storefront in no time!

Fastest WordPress Hosting: The Bottom Line

We’ve focused on how to find fast WordPress hosting. These are great options, but all of these services can require a lot of time and effort on your part. 

If you have a site that requires more than a couple hours of your time each month to maintain and you need blazing-fast hosting, you should consider a true turnkey service. At Sunny HQ, we take care of everything related to keeping your WordPress site safe, secure, up-to-date, optimized, and humming along. To see how we can make your sites faster than ever, contact us today!

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