How to Drive More Website Traffic To Your WordPress Site

Last Updated on March 19, 2020 by Sunny Staff

Increase website traffic to your site and increase sales

It is no secret that for many businesses, website traffic is key to the success of your site. You’ve spent lot’s of time and money on your site and it deserves to have visitors.  Many companies see their websites as just as a necessary business tool – “Everybody has one, I guess I should too.” But your website is so much more than that.  To many of your customers, it is the face of your business and should not only highlight the products and services you offer but communicate your values as well.

Each method for growing traffic comes with a cost, whether you do it yourself or pay someone else.  It is best to decide on a budget and list of objectives before starting. Let’s look at some great tools and methods to help you increase traffic to your site and sell more.

Google Ads

We love Google Ads! And no, we are not affiliated with Google in any way. Every second, there are millions of searches on Google, and the majority of the search results include Google ads. These ads are paid for by businesses like yours. The ads are triggered when a search is relevant to the products or services your business offers. Google Ads is Pay-Per-Click advertising. You literally pay Google for every click on your ad. This is one of the fastest ways to increase your website traffic. And with visitors looking for exactly what you’re offering!  It takes time and effort to set up, but once you’ve got your ads running, your site will be buzzing with as much traffic as you want to pay for. There are tons of resources about how to get started with Google Ads, this one is great!

Social Media Advertising

While with Goggle Ads, you’re paying to show up in relevant searches, with social media advertising you are paying to show up in relevant feeds. One of the advantages of social media advertising is that social media platforms have loads of psychographic data (gender, age, attitudes, interests, etc.) available that can be used to hone in on your audience.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is advertising on websites, apps and social media using banners or other ad formats made of text, images, video, and audio. These are the pictures or videos that show up on the top, bottom, or sides of blog posts, news sites, etc. These ads relate to something you have recently searched for online or other things advertisers think may be of interest to you. Display advertising can be very effective for the right product or service.

Social Media

This is NOT a good fit for every company. Make sure to review your overall goals before running down this road.  Increasing your social media traffic requires that you engage and build relationships on each network. As you can imagine, this is a long-term process, takes a lot of effort, and doesn’t happen overnight. BUT, if you determine that social media is strategically right for you, then it can be a powerhouse.  Take time to review this article, 6 Ways to Immediately Boost Your Social Media Traffic.

Start a Blog

A blog can help you increase website traffic and much more.  This is a great way to communicate rich information to your prospects and customers.  Informative and helpful content, produced on a regular basis, is a wonderful way to generate traffic. Don’t overthink it; just start writing and check out this article.

Make Sure Your Site is FAST

A fast site is essential to more traffic.  Google places a premium on website speed and you can increase your ranking just by having a super-fast website.  This can be tricky, but the easiest path is to use Premium Managed WordPress Hosting.  A rock-solid host can make your website faster without any changes to the look and feel of your site. We know! Keeping sites running at full speed is a big part of what we do at Sunny HQ.