10 SEO Friendly WordPress Themes You Should Be Using in 2018

Last Updated on November 4, 2022 by Sunny Staff

If you’ve ever designed a website you know that the perfect theme can be the difference between a quick design formation and hours of time-consuming coding and creating from scratch and regular WP maintenance afterward.

A WordPress theme is a collection of files that are integrated together in order to create an interface that ends up being a design template or design theme for a blog or website. For web designers, business owners and professionals who use WordPress on the regular, WordPress themes mean the individual doesn’t have to make up a design from scratch, saving time and effort.

WordPress themes also are clean, visually stimulating and are hosted with a variety of different kinds of layers and options that are perfect for what you need, whether you know what you want going in or not.

From coffee shops to corporate landing pages, you will find at least one theme you love below on our list:

1. MH Magazine

MH Magazine is one of the most SEO friendly themes that is great for websites that create massive amounts of content regularly. This theme is also flexible, detail-specific and easily adaptable to almost any website.

From an SEO standpoint, this theme is designed for SEO optimization with its availability for people who are searching for your site to find the content they want quickly and easily. For those who want to make money using ad space. The layout for MH Magazine has available and visible space for adverts and options to display adverts within the meat of your posts (content) and/or in the archive section.

MH Magazine is extremely SEO-friendly and contains exceptional navigational aid tools that will not only get your site more traffic, but it will make sure the users are able to utilize the site as easy and seamless as possible.
The easy to navigate layout makes this one of the most user-friendly themes which is why we have chosen it as #1 for this list.

Find it here.

2. SEO Crawler

We love SEO crawler because it is design ready and completely customizable. Using the GoodLayers tool you will be able to use SEO Crawler template to take your content and design a user-friendly site for your target audience. Choose from multiple Google integrated fonts, choose from 9 different portfolio spreads and mobile-friendly features that are all Google approved.

SEO Crawler also uses three design demos and over 15 custom headlines making your SEO crawler template uniquely yours while also diversifying from other templates that are more limiting in customizable features and design characteristics.

Last but certainly not least, with this design, you’ll get all the SEO friendly and compatible bells and whistles with Yoast SEO, quick load times and features that will create the most optimized and customized template.

Find it here.

3. Schema

Schema has it all and then some. This design template is all the extra you want in an SEO friendly and optimized WordPress theme. We love a good template that allows for high ranking capabilities and lightning quick loading times for users and designers. In fact, Schema was voted the fastest WordPress theme back in 2014 and we still believe it holds that place.

Other qualities that make Schema super SEO friendly include well-designed spaces for shopping, reviews, ad space and rating information if you are designing a page for a shop. Whether the user is browsing the landing page or shop from their cell phone, tablet or desktop, this is a clean, organized, fast and well-optimized site that will make you or your client(s) very happy.

Find it here.

4. SociallyViral

Are you looking for a theme that will help get more social shares than you could ever imagine? SociallyViral’s name doesn’t lie. This is a clean, organized and content friendly theme for shops and for sites that want as many social shares as possible.

So, how is SociallyViral going to help you with your SEO and ranking Well for one, almighty Google is able to “see” and pinpoint this template along with its content because of the popularity and connection with social share networks like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest (among others) that will allow a user to easily share information from one platform to the other thus improving your rankings.

This fast loading, a well-organized site catered to those who are looking for more views, clicks and an easy to go viral platform.

Find it here.

5. Best

Best is one of our favorite SEO friendly WordPress themes because it comes from the creators of MyThemeShop, a group dedicated to circling displays and visuals over important content and specifically designed to engage users with positive visual displays and keep users on the site with fast loading pages.

This theme also is fantastically organized and looks sharp and clean. Side displays will fit reviews, ratings or links to other parts of the site as well as includes prominent display buttons for easy social sharing and will drive traffic from the website to other social platforms.

All in all, Best is SEO friendly due to its clean and crisp visual aesthetics significantly reduce the rate of users leaving the page and allowing for visuals to be displayed and host the ability to hold a vast amount of well-organized content keeping clients, readers and professionals on your page longer.

Find it here.

6. The Gem

TheGem is designed with SEO at the forefront of design, delivery and an attractive template display that will rank your site in the world of search engines.

Like some of the other themes mentioned, the main SEO driver and benefit with this template is the quick load times, is extremely mobile friendly, hosts code that is both secure and contained while also allowing the user to load images and content. Web designers love this template because of its capabilities and options when it comes to variations on the design template to accommodate adspace or any other customizations.

From a business to personal DIY websites, this pre-arranged content also includes SEO friendly design plugins like Visual Composer that will allow personalization and individual style to any landing page.

Find it here.


POFO wins the award for the best and most attractive web design template with 210 pre-built site demos giving it an extremely versatile and flexible nature. Not only is the design a huge key feature, the theme serves more than one purpose for business owners. POFO is great for a wide range of industries, from personal branding to e-commerce shops, content templates that are easy to load.

Another great aspect of POFO making it SEO worthy is the drag and drop options as well as WPBakery Page Builder plugin that allows for a touch of personal flare to any homepage with easy to maneuver settings, buttons and features. Social media integration with widgets, sidebars, and well-organized design makes it attractive to integrate with social media marketing and all social platforms.

So, why is this template so great for SEO? Quite frankly it is well designed for major traffic, great for all SEO integrated content uploads and works hand in hand with SEO plugins that enhance web visibility.

Find it here.

8. MagXP

MyThemeShop team has introduced MagXP as one of the best and most upcoming SEO-optimized themes for any website that is being built. There is a professional, visually clean aspect to this design that accommodates social share buttons, content and photos that are capable of allowing your site to be easy to navigate and personalized design that enhances your business or message you are trying to relay.

One of the most important features is the template’s target for SEO best practice custom design options that will lead traffic to the site and keep traffic on the site to enhance SEO and rank your site faster.

Find it here.

9. Vellum

If easy to navigate, pre-made templates are your style, Vellum is the template for you. This template has it all; from design flexibility to mobile-friendly design, important plugins like Visual Composer, UberMenU and Revolution Slider that enhance the SEO and visibility of the site.

No matter what the business is, you will be happy with the multi-purpose and versatility of Vellum. The SEO enhancing qualities are just an added bonus.

Find it here.

10. X

X is a multi-purpose template that allows for the clean, visually enhanced, perfectly coded template that will help your HTML5 markup, click through features to keep users on your page, reduction of bounce rate and quick load time that will help track and invite users to the page and keep them on the page.

X is quite possibly one of the most effective and efficient templates for SEO purposes because it continues to evolve with its code and visual aspects that cater to users and visitors for your website.

Find it here.

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