The Complete Guide to Choosing a WordPress Maintenance Agency

Last Updated on October 11, 2022 by Sunny Staff

What if your business had a secret weapon against the competition?

If you sell products or services online, you likely use WordPress. However, your site has plenty of competition. That’s because a whopping 455 million websites use WordPress.

How can your business stand out and win customers over? And how can you make the most out of WordPress without spending a small fortune in time and money?

The solution is to use a WordPress maintenance agency. Such an agency can provide the hosting, support, and management you need to take your site and your business to the next level.

Of course, some maintenance agencies are better than others. Keep reading to discover how to find the best WordPress maintenance agency for your business!

Determine the Level of Support You Need

The first step to finding the right WordPress maintenance agency is simple. You need to determine the exact level of WP support you need ahead of time.

For example, some businesses may only need regular WordPress maintenance. In that case, it may be acceptable for the maintenance agency to offer support only during business hours. Other companies, though, may need 24/7 technical support in case anything goes wrong over the weekend.

Beyond that, you must determine your own WP comfort level. If you are comfortable handling much on your own, you can go with a more “hands-off” maintenance agency. But if you need help with things like basic WP updates, it may be important to find a full-service agency.

Balance Budget and Value

Most companies that explore options for WordPress agencies have a simple goal: to save money. Because of this, they may be tempted to go with the agency that has the lowest cost.

However, it’s important to balance your budget with the value that good WP maintenance brings to the table. If you spend a bit more now for a better agency, it can actually help you generate more sales and generally boost your bottom line.

For real value, you should find an agency that can handle various WP needs. If you hire an agency that mostly handles hosting, you’ll end up having to spend additional time and money finding agencies to handle things like site management, maintenance, and design.

By getting a WP maintenance agency that can handle everything, you can save money while also securing your business against unexpected emergencies.

Review Different Service Plans

Remember when we said you needed to determine how much support you need? That will really come in handy when you start reviewing different agency service plans and have to choose the right one.

For example, an agency might have a more basic plan that provides hosting, basic support, maintenance, and security. But if you want features like agency consultation, SEO optimization, WordPress website design, and more, you’ll need to choose a higher-tier plan.

Finding the right plan is about finding the sweet spot between what you need and what the agency offers. That way, you get all the support you need without having to pay for the bells and whistles you don’t need.

The Need (or Not) For a Longterm Business Relationship

Businesses often discuss working with a WordPress maintenance agency in terms of professional relationships. As with your personal relationships, though, you need to answer an important question. Are you looking for a long-term relationship or something a bit shorter?

The answer is important because most companies don’t seek out an agency until something goes wrong with their WP website (such as the site getting hacked). At that point, the company may just need a quick fix to get back to normal. In this case, it’s fine to choose an agency and plan that offers basic maintenance and support.

But what if you have deeper issues the agency needs to address? Or do you simply want to develop a more personal relationship with the agency? In that case, you should take the time to find an agency that offers both long-term, in-depth support as well as the personal touch that your business deserves.

Do Your Homework on Your Chosen WordPress Maintenance Agency

Let’s say you have narrowed down to one or more agencies you might trust with your WP site. To figure out which agency is best, it’s now time to do your homework on these companies and see what others are saying.

On the most basic level, this means reading online reviews. What are other people saying about this agency on social media? And does the company have any customer reviews on its website you could check out?

You should also consult with colleagues and fellow entrepreneurs who might have worked with this agency. Definitely take the time to check out the agency’s website and different social media feeds. In fact, checking social media comments and responses is a great way to see how the agency deals with clients!

Once you feel pretty confident about the agency, arrange for a meeting. This will give you a chance to make sure that your company and the WordPress maintenance agency are on the same page.

The Importance of Flexible Service

Our final advice for getting the best WordPress maintenance experience is simple. When you are having trouble deciding between two agencies, go with the one that offers better flexibility through multiple service plans.

When you first hire an agency, you may want to start small. If things ramp up, though, you need to know you have the support of WordPress experts who can scale to your needs.

When an agency has multiple service plans, its support can grow as fast and steadily as your business grows. And because only agencies offering plenty of services can offer plenty of service plans, this means you’ll get an agency with the flexibility and versatility you need to succeed.

Discover the Best WordPress Maintenance Agency Today

Now you know how to choose a WordPress maintenance agency. But do you know where you can find the best agency for your company?

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