10 Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress

Last Updated on February 13, 2020 by Sunny Staff

There is a lot to learn when you own your own business and are ready to create your website. Whether you have someone building your WordPress website or you are taking on the project yourself, there are hundreds of different plugins to consider to make your website the best, most attractive and easy to use landing spot for your customers.

When the time comes and you are looking to add a live chat function to your website, consider our recommendations below. We have reviewed the top 10 best live chat plugins for WordPress. Many successful businesses use a live chat feature to help them connect with their customers and to grow their business – so should you! Let’s read a little more about why a live chat plugin is so important.

Live chat functions increase conversions in every industry

Say you have an eCommerce website, did you know that over 67% of shoppers will fill their cart and then abandon that same cart without checking out? For the same 67%, the uncertainty is more powerful than their initial or continued interest. During their shopping, instead of leaving them alone with their thoughts and possible pre-buyer’s remorse, it benefits you and your business to check in, send a message and ask if they need any help.

If you are a blogger and own your own website, a live chat option gives your website a personal touch when a message comes through, as well. So, listen up and read on because we have reviewed what we believe are the 10 best live chat plugins for WordPress that will help increase your revenue, website visits and the time spent browsing your blog or website.

For almost any industry, a live chat function will provide a serious boost to your efforts to convert more leads into clients. As long as you have traffic driven to your website from one source or another, you can respond to inquiries faster, make a more personable approach to customer service and direct your clients or potential clients where they need to go, faster! Don’t we all want that?

For your convenience, we made a comparison table that summarizes the most important features. More detailed analysis of every plugin is below.

10 Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress – Comparison Table

Live Chat Plugin Comparison Table

Ready? Let’s get started!

  1. LiveChat

1 live chat inc live chat plugin for wordpress

In our opinion, nothing beats LiveChat and it is #1 on our list for a reason. LiveChat is a plugin that allows a creative, personal touch to be added to a chat AND given by their name, the chat is live. LiveChat is an excellent way to talk in real time with a customer, user or reader who has landed on your website. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Real-time customer service correspondence
  • Works on desktop, mobile and tablets
  • Interacts with CRM software, Google Analytics, ZenDesk, MailChimp and other automated email and marketing systems
  • Snooze feature with email ticket to your inbox during off hours for customer inquiries
  • Hands-off automated customer service information installation
  • Fast load times
  • Affordable package pricing
  1.  Tawk.to

3 tawk to live chat plugin for wordpress

Tawk.to is an option everyone should consider when thinking about the best plugins to install for a live chat on a WordPress website. This FREE, yes FREE tool is available for easy install, fast run times and optimizes with all devices. Better yet, it’s free. Did we mention that yet? Along with the pleasant price tag, we have included more benefits of this live chat plugin below:

  • Real-time monitoring for customer service reps
  • Automated triggers and alerts
  • Customizable widgets and the availability to use over 1800+ Emojis
  • Over 25 languages offered
  • Branding and built-in ticketing options
  • Javascript API availability
  • Group messaging options and tracking for multiple chats
  • Insert your voice and message add-on for even more personalized interactions
  • Receive desktop notifications to review any potential issues
  • ….many more
  1. SnapEngage

4 snapegage to live chat plugin for wordpress

With SnapEngage you have a virtual customer service organization at your fingertips. The opportunity to have up to 4 agents for $60/month is a game changer for customer retention, customer service inquiries and gives your website an extra bump for redirecting traffic and allowing for all questions to be asked. SnapEngage has great reviews, including one from us. Below are some of our favorite features:

  • Integration for businesses large and small
  • They work with huge brands including HubSpot, Tesla, PBS giving them an excellent reputation
  • CRM integration
  • Call back request feature button
  • Addon features like live chat software to send you directly to agents
  • Text alerts and SMS to chat features
  • Automatically synchronize leads
  • Tweet-to-Chat, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Zalo.
  • Award-winning technical support  
  • Bot responses when agents aren’t available
  1. Olark

2 olark live chat plugin for wordpress

In the business world, Olark provides solutions for live chat by integrating easily with your WordPress site. A simple copy and paste with the code in child theme WordPress widget cuts down installation time. If that still doesn’t work for you, use the free Olark for WP plugin feature and setup easily.

Here are just a few benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • Integration with services like Zendesk, Salesforce, Highrise, MailChimp and more
  • iOs and Andriod friendly
  • Easy to use chat features for customers and users
  • Quick load times
  • Plans starting at $17/month
  1. Zopim

5 zendesk chat live chat plugin for wordpress

Affordable is the key to this plugin. Packages for Zopin plugin live chat features start at just $14/month and this one is worth the dough. Easy to use and install, this chat plugin hits the stops for integration with all devices and connecting to dashboards easily and effectively. Here are just a few highlighted features we love from this live chat plugin:

  • Affordable packages including a free trial
  • Native apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Live chat support from any device, anywhere, any time
  • Easy set-up
  • Fast load times in real-time
  1. Comm100 LiveChat

comm100 live chat plugin for wordpress

Basic, easy to use and smooth interface with third-party software makes Comm100 LiveChat right in the middle on our list of the best live chat plugins for WordPress. Here are some features we love about this particular plugin:

  • Easy integration with Salesforce and Google Analytics
  • Personalized greeting
  • Rank and survey offered
  • Integration with mobile and desktop devices
  • Fast load time and easy WordPress installation
  1. Quick Chat

quick chat live chat plugin

Quick Chat is a lot like Chat Room (below), only it allows for extra features with a slightly slower load time. Some of the add-ons include avatars, smiles and private chat options if need be. Quick Chat is an easy to control option for group or chat moderators who can add a list of banned words in order to keep the calm in a public or private forum. Even better, you will be able to use a feature to give you access to transcripts. This is FREE and easy to use!

The downside to this chat feature is that it requires a lot of server resources and can slow down a bit if your website’s host doesn’t have a lot of processing power.  

  1. Chat Room

chat room live chat plugin

This free live chat plugin is actually 100% free. Not a free trial option, not a free for 15 days option, this is completely free for the lifetime of you using the feature. Simply put, you are installing a chat room instead of a chat feature on to your WordPress site. The chatrooms are public as are the URL so anyone can access them.

If you are looking for basic live support, you will get it with Chat Room. If you believe you have the kind of customer base and audience that wants a private chat, this might not be the best option for your business. However, as it’s FREE, it is worth checking out for a trial period to see if it works for you and your users.

  1. Casengo Live Chat

casengo chat plugin for wordpress

Casengo Live Chat is one of the most WordPress friendly plugins you will come across. With easy, built in chat features and the quick ability to respond to inquiries, this is by far one of the simplest installations for what you want out of a basic chat feature. Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Customize your live chat options
  • Forwarding features allow for your team send questions to one another
  • Works with multiple brands websites
  • Automatic chat window pops up after 5 seconds on the site
  • FAQ plug-in
  • Optimized on all devices
  • Integrates with WhatsApp and other third party sites
  1. Tidio Live Chat

tidio live chat plugin for wordpress

There’s a lot to love about Tidio. First of all, it is really easy to install. All you need to do is grab the code and install. Second, you have visibility across the entire site so you are able to see when someone is on the page and contact them with their fast acting chat function. From easy customization to wild and amazing analytics, here are just a few other reasons why we love Tidio.

  • Super easy customization features for colors, widgets and more
  • Integrated with mobile and desktop devices (iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Chrome
  • Choose from 3 design templates available for the website owner
  • Ability to install a message when you are offline, which then sends you an alert email for a follow-up
  • Offline messages form for your visitors to send you an email, when you are not online
  • Third party integration with applications such as MailChimp, ZenDesk, and GetResponse
  • Rapid load time
  • Easy to use tools

We hope these 10 reviews have helped you select the live chat feature of your dreams! Now get to work on converting more customers with a live chat that will blow them away. If you want to read more about websites, plugins and digital advice, browse our blog section and grab helpful information for your next project or design.

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