Why is my WordPress site speed so slow?

Your site may be slow for any number of reasons. Don't waste your time trying to figure it out - Let the experts at Sunny HQ show you and make your site blaze on!

Don’t waste time trying to figure out why your WordPress site speed is slow.

There are many reasons for slow load times on your WordPress site. A slow loading website can hurt your small business by turning away visitors who expect fast load times and smooth online experiences; harming your reputation and reducing sales.

Too many Plugins, bloated content, image sizes…

These are just a few of the reasons for a slow site, but the most likely reason is that your current host just doesn’t cut it.  Cheap hosting is just that.  Free and low costs WordPress hosts includes your site with hundreds of others on a single server. This means that your site has to compete for resources just to be live.  A slow site is not just bad for visitors experience, it will cost you traffic. Today, search engines like Google consider site speed an important ranking point.     Slow Site = Poor Search Ranking = Reduced Visibility and Sales

Your WordPress site should be and can be fast!

We can help get your site running blazing fast. It all starts just by hosting with Sunny HQ.  We will migrate your site for FREE the same day you signup. Then we’ll show you how much faster your “Sunny Site” runs over your current site.  We will run a battery of tests on your site and make recommendations to get your site running at its full potential.

For Web Developers, Speed Is the New SEO – Entrepreneur.com

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee on all managed WordPress subscription plans.

Check out our plans or give us a call.

Sunny HQ is an excellent solution for WP hosting that has a great team to back it up. Their support is phenomenal and I know that if I need anything, their team is all to happy to help.

-Dana – Envite Realty

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Complete Essentials

  • 100% hands off maintenance
  • We handle updates WP, theme and plugins
  • Guaranteed safe from hackers
  • Expert WordPress support
  • Enterprise grade hosting
  • You focus on content and we do the rest!
Plus 1 hour of personal consultation
$199/mo. risk free for 60 days
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Down to Business

  • Everything from “Complete Essentials”
  • Hands on search engine optimization
  • Google analytics Integration
  • Performance checks & site optimization
  • Emergency support
  • Monthly Detailed client report
Plus 2 hours design/content support
$349/mo. risk free for 60 days
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eCommerce Ready

  • Everything from “Down to Business”
  • eCommerce tune-up
  • Strategic account manager
  • Google console & site tools
  • Priority support
  • Analytics review and recommendations.
Plus 4 hours design/content support
$599/mo. risk free for 60 days
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Above & Beyond

Sunny HQ can provide custom “Smart WordPress Hosting & Maintenance” plans to fit your needs and keep your website humming! The ultimate in scalability, security, and reliability – powerful managed WordPress hosting & maintenance.

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